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Please note that the shippers account number is required when either a receiver or 3rd Party payment option has been selected.
For international services, please enter the customs code here.
WorldNet Express Number
3rd Party payment option
Tick the box next to the service option required. if
Kindly contact our Customer Call Centre to arrange this service.
Give the exact description of the contents and quantities.
Please indicate any special instructions  in the space provided.
The air waybill must be signed and dated by the sender.
Please refer to our Domestic and International  service for the formula to determine volumetric weight.
The air waybill is signed by a representative of Worldnet Express upon receipt.
The total weight rounded up to the nearest 1/2 kilo.
Fill in the number of pieces in your shipment, and size of each piece in cm (length x width x height)
The air waybill must be signed and dated by the receiver.