BFN - Bloemfontein
CPT - Cape Town
DUR - Durban
ELS - East London
GRJ - George
JNB - Johannesburg
KIM - Kimberley
NLP - Nelspruit
PLZ - Port Elizabeth
PTG - Pietersburg
PRY - Pretoria
WEL - Welkom


A documentation fee will apply per waybill to all domestic services.


Fuel surcharge will be calculated according to the fuel price, and will apply to all shipments. Kindly contact our customer call center to obtain the latest fuel surcharge percentage.


Chargeable Mass is the greater between the gross weight and volumetric weight. Volumetric weight is calculated at 1kg = 5000cm 3/kg.
(Except for certain services where we have clearly marked the volumetric factor).

Domestic shipments (Overnight and Same day Services) are calculated as follows:

length x breadth x height (cm) = Volume kg

Domestic shipments (Budget cargo/ Truck loads) are calculated as follows:

length x breadth x height (cm) = Volume kg

The customer shall declare the gross mass and airfreight volumetric weight on the waybill. If the customer fails to declare the gross mass and/or the airfreight volumetric factor, WorldNet Express shall be entitled to declare same and to charge the customer accordingly


WORLD NET EXPRESS (a division of World Net Logistics (Pty) Ltd) is a Juristic Representative of Prestgroup (Pty) Ltd (of which Prestmarine is ta division), an authorised Financial Service Provider, FSP 165. In terms of a mandatory agreement with Prestmarine, WORLD NET EXPRESS is authorised to perform certain intermediary functions on Prestmarine’s behalf. These include the submitting of declaration to Prestmarine, the collection of premium and submission of claims and supporting documentation to Prestmarine. WORLD NET EXPRESS is not authorised to provide any insurance advice.
WORLD NET EXPRESS, as agent, of Prestmarine will only endeavour to obtain for the shipper such insurance as the shipper has applied for on the WORLD NET EXPRESS Business Application subject to necessary quotation obtained from Prestmarine as required by law. Such insurance will be subject to the terms and conditions imposed by the insurer taking the risk as set out in the quotation signed by the client. For cover not stipulated in the quotation or for any ad hoc matters, insurance is available upon specific written request from the shipper, prior to attachment of the risk.
Insurance will only be obtained if elected on the Business Application Form and the necessary insurance quotation is signed prior to attachment of the risk. Alternatively cover is available upon specific written request to the necessary process being followed, prior to attachment of risk.
It is the responsibility of the shipper to acquaint itself with the exceptions, exclusions, limitations, maximums and conditions applicable to any open or general policy held by the company from time to time, and the company does not guarantee that all goods will be capable of being insured, or that all risks will be capable of being insured against, or that insurance will be obtained for the amount requested by the shipper.


Certain commodities are restricted as specified by IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. There are airline restrictions because of their hazardous nature e.g. any flammable liquid, chemicals, blood, alcohol, fragrances etc. It is the responsibility of the sender to comply with these restricted goods regulations and to please contact WORLD NET EXPRESS and advise us accordingly should you feel that the contents of your consignment may be restricted, as these will incur a percentage surcharge of transport costs, depending on the cargo. For clarification of dangerous goods, please refer to IATA Dangerous Goods regulations, contact your local WorldNet office or for further information visit their website:


15 % V.A.T. is charged on all DOMESTIC transactions.


It is the shipper’s sole responsibility to ensure that all goods are properly and appropriately packed, marked, labelled and addressed, and the company shall have no obligation whatsoever in this regard. However WORLD NET EXPRESS can assist with specialised packing requirements. Please obtain a quotation from our customer call centre.